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Director: Malcolm Wright has a wealth of experience in marketing and market research. He is known internationally for his work on consumer behaviour, branding, survey research and new product forecasting. Malcolm combines prolific work as an author and academic leader with practical experience running large business units, leading organisational change, and undertaking many market research and consulting engagements.

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General Manager: Pam Feetham's career began in pharmaceutical and medical research and led on to marketing management and tertiary education. Her experiences have allowed her to develop a wide range of practical research skills. Specific areas of expertise include field work management, market analytics, strategic marketing planning, brand image analysis, consumer behaviour and marketing communication.

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Research Associate: Philip Mecredy is currently completing a Master of Business Studies in Marketing at Massey University. He has experience in field work, depth interviewing and scale development, along with qualitative and quantitative analysis. His special interests are the validity of customer satisfaction scales in surveys and new product development.

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Research Associate: Roman Konopka studied and trained in Europe where he obtained a Masters in Agricultural Economics and a Masters in Food Economics and Marketing. His areas of expertise are market analysis, conjoint analysis, choice modelling and survey design. His PhD research involves branding, fair trade, ethical labelling and corporate social responsibility. He is an experienced field worker and interviewer.

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Office Manager: Karen Hurley has recently graduated with a Master of Arts in Psychology from Massey University. She brings a range of experience in customer service and office administration. She enjoys working as part of a team in a research environment. Her area of academic interest is population ageing and its implications for older people in our society.